1. How do I apply for an apartment?

You can submit your application through the apartment listing by clicking the “Apply Now” button. All applications need to be submitted through our online portal. Income verification paperwork (i.e. pay stubs) must be provided and attached to the online application. There is a non-refundable $40 application fee for each person over the age of 18. The application fees must be paid with a credit or debit card to successfully submit an online application.

2. What are Roeliff Jansen’s requirements to apply for an apartment?

Applicant must be able to verify that he/she is able to earn at least 3 times the monthly rental amount. This is verified via 3-4 most recent pay stubs or an employment verification form that Roeliff Jansem sends to the applicant’s supervisor or HR department. There is also a detailed credit check performed, as well as a criminal background check. We are looking for more good credit then bad, no outstanding utility bills or back due accounts, or any felonies on the criminal record.

3. Can I have a co-signer?

A co-signer is allowed for applicants currently enrolled in school and recent graduates. Co-signers are subject to the same application process as prospective tenants, including the $25 application fee. Both the applicant and the co-signer’s information must be fully submitted to be processed and approved. The co-signer must be present at the lease signing and if that is not possible, they must sign a guaranty of lease form and have it notarized. The original document must be received by our office before keys will be issued to the residents.

4. Can I sign a month-to-month lease?

All leases are written for a year’s length of time or longer. A tenant may sign a month-to-month lease after his or hers initial one-year lease is over (not applicable to Grove Place apartments). Tenants or GSM has the ability to end the month-to-month lease by giving a 30 days written notice as of the 1st of the month.

5. Are pets allowed to live in the apartments?

Most apartment locations are allowed to have one cat, while only specific locations allow small breed dogs. Dogs are only allowed at our Barbara Manor and Barbie Court locations and must be under 25 pounds to be approved. There is only one pet allowed per apartment. All tenants must get written approval from GSM before allowing any animals into the apartments.* Once approved, the resident will pay a monthly premium of $20.00/cat or $25.00/dog the same day on which the apartment rent is due. A non-refundable pet deposit of $100.00 will also be due at the time the tenant moves into the apartment or when the tenant gets the pet.
*Restrictions apply. Please contact the office for full details.

6. What utilities are included in the rental prices?

Water and garbage removal are included at all of Grove Street Management’s locations. The utilities included with each apartment vary among locations but are defined on the website’s AVAILABLE page under the specific location description.

7. What happens if I have to break my lease before it has ended?

Upon at least 60 days written notice, a tenant may terminate the lease for a fee equal to one month’s rent. The fee is due at the same time as the last month’s rent payment. Tenant must complete and sign an early termination addendum to make the 60 days notice effective.

If the tenant terminates the lease early or vacates the apartment before the end of the lease term, any current rent and additional rent for the remainder of the lease term will become immediately due and payable.

8. How do I submit a maintenance request?

All residents can call our 24/7 maintenance line at (844) 581-4886.